Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hockey players are the best, period (2)

Well, despite being a tech guy I can't figure out how to directly put the damn video into this, so theres the link until someone posts a comment on how to do it, not that anyone reads this.

But anyway, I noticed this video because my team (San Jose Sharks) just traded for Jody Shelley, who is in that. Basically, a leafs player autographed a stick for Shelley during the game, and threw it over the divide in the glass. What other sport could you possibly see this kind of friendliness in during a game in? Football? Fuck no. Baseball? Maybe, but probably not. Basketball? I doubt it. This is the one thing that makes hockey better than any other sport will ever be; the culture is just so ridiculously awesome that it is beyond description.

Another example, and I'm sorry that it involves the Sharks again but they're really the only team I watch, was when the Sharks were playing. . . maybe the Coyotes. . . I don't remember, but it doesn't really matter. A couple fights started up after a play, and in one of them, the opponent's player got injured a bit, and was laying down on the ice. Jeremy Roenick (pretty big name in hockey, generally speaking), who was the sharks player in the fight, was the one who called for the opposing teams trainer. Thats right, he wasn't throwing punches or trying to hurt the guy more. He STOPPED, let go of the guy, made sure he was laid down ok on the ice and called for a trainer. This is all right after they were throwing punches at each other.

This is why hockey players are so fucking awesome. They're not out there to kill each other, and its not as violent of a sport as people think. Fights on the ice are almost always about one of the people owning up to a mistake they made that hurt or could have hurt another teams player. They're about accountability. Not hurting people. Got that all you idiotic mothers who stop your kids from playing because "OH MY GOSH ITS VIOLENT"?

Hockey culture is win.


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