Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back up north. . .

Well, I leave for Toronto this Friday, which kinda blows, I was enjoying myself here, but there are some upsides to Toronto as well, despite the fact that I'm going to immediately have to deal with the housemate situation pretty much starting the second I enter the house.

Oh well, at least now I can actually use my Wii. Hopefully I'll take some pictures of how I'm doing it and put a little thing up for people to read since its actually a really useful tool to get for a college student since its a pain to carry a TV around when you're already hauling a laptop and/or desktop. To be honest, it is lagged a little bit since USB isn't nearly as fast as a direction connection and it has to change the signal but like I said, its better than hauling a TV across the continent, or even just to and from storage every year. Just wish one of the stores around here had the Paper Mario game for the Wii, went shopping for it today and came up empty (still got some good headphones though).

I've also managed 60 BRD, and have purchased and/or farmed all songs up to 63, along with all useful instruments, and currently have pretty much the best reasonable gear I can get. Just bugs me that it takes so long to level, but, I think I may be able to stick to it and manage 75 in the next couple months maybe. I might wind up seeking out a soboro and leveling DNC instead just because SAM/DNC seems so awesome in theory, but I'd like to finish BRD if only for utility purposes. Its something kinda laid back without being melee that I can take on runs and things without having to worry too much about gear and "WTF I MISSED AGAIN". Well, technically theres resists, but now that I have + wind and singing from AF its kinda. . . I dunno. Just never seems to happen.

Weird, I feel like I have more to write about but I can't think of anything. Really just been playing Disgaea, leveling BRD, eating, and slowly killing myself with chocolate. Oh I did discover that I randomly lost like 40 pounds during first semester, not that I really care beyond that probably being a really bad thing. Oh well, probably got most of it back over the holidays anyway. Oh, and Seether's Fake It is an awesome song.

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