Monday, January 28, 2008

Soboro, Stir-Fry, and. . . S. . . s. . . reformatting

So, as you can see in the picture, I got a Soboro. Its nicer than I had expected. Its not godly, by any measure, but its still quite nice I think. As you can see in the picture, Val was having a bit of fun harassing people about their (in)ability to spell things correctly. However, there were two other things that happened during the run. One was epic, and one was epic fail.

Lets start with the epic part. Towards the end, people started leaving and being pricks, so eventually we wound up with just 12 people, and our 'main' tank was afk (part of the epic fail). We wound up fighting one anyway, and its second self-destruct raped Enc, who was our 'second' tank. He immediately re-raised and voked it, and tanked it from like 50% until we killed it. He had 221 max HP I think during 90% of that. So, yea, Enc is now easily the most badass PLD I know, which is actually saying a LOT since I hang around Draconum a ton. Though I did pull hate off Draco with Regen III once, so. . .

On to the epic fail. On the second or third to last run, the 'main' tank Linkstrife said he had to hit the grocery store, and that it'd only take about one cycle (as in he'd be back a little after the next ??? popped, but before the one after that). We killed one, wiped, and waited like 2 hours total for him to come back. The other thing is, we would have been DONE at that point anyway if he hadn't brought out his second account to get one, and while he claimed otherwise, a few of us think he ALREADY GOT ONE FOR HIS MAIN. So, after a while we just said fuck him and left. He stayed there until or past like 1:30 AM or so (CST?) that night according to Val, so he was afk for a lot longer than "20 minutes or so".

Anyway, real life. I've been trying to get a wok for a while, and yesterday I finally got one. It is unfortunately xbawks hueg, but all of the other ones were tiny, so whatever. I made some vegetable stir-fry last night with a few things, and man was it ever filling. I haven't eaten vegetables in. . . forever. But yea, I wish I had a digital camera so I could put a pic of it up on here, it actually looked really nice for something I made (IT HAD COLOURS!). All part of an effort to kind of round out my diet so I can be healthy, since last semester I sort of ate almost nothing but pasta and lost 40 lbs. as a result, and I'm not going to say I was super thin or anything (6 feet tall and was like 180-200), but I'm not really fat either, so suddenly going and dropping 10 pounds a month just wasn't looking like a healthy thing.

Also, I got some stupid viruses on my desktop that turned into losing my net connection for 24 hours a week or two ago, so I've been trying to reformat it and because of a combination of about 3 impossibly irritating things, I can't normally reformat without a floppy, but I'm using this opportunity to put ubuntu on there as well, and my friend says I can use that to reformat, so hopefully that will work. The only thing that sucks about it all is I just realized that I don't have photoshop any more, so I'll have to downlo-I mean. . . ask my. . . family. . . for one of the copies from uh. . . home (actually now that I think about it, I actually am going to do that, I'd forgotten, but my parents bought CS2 and such, dad used to work for Adobe so he probably got a deal on it).

Anyway, off to make breakfast. . . recently discovered the joys of simple buttered toast.

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Draconum | Ethical Sin said...

Nice attempt there, on the title. Guess you'll just have to plan your life out better if you want more than two alliterative items.

Better luck next time. And Linkstrife is a douche. {End key}