Friday, December 28, 2007


So, Christmas at least is over, and I guess there might be new years crap coming up for most people, but personally I don't usually do anything unless a friend is having a party (or when I'm not single), but to me the whole new years thing is kinda meaningless.

I didn't get anything of note really for Christmas other than cash, which is what I actually need (FOOD!), and I don't really deserve much so, good stuff, just not horribly exciting. The main thing of note really was that I ate LOTS of really good food over the holidays. Highlight was probably the salmon with three cheese tortellini in a basil sauce. It was kinda mild but the salmon was perfect and I like tortellini a lot, so, good times. Actually back up in Toronto I bought some beef tortellini and it made me sick, so it was nice to get some real stuff. I've also bought myself a fair bit of chocolate, enjoying some now actually. Also ice cream, theres some mint chip in the freezer. So yea, overall great for food.

Theres also been some interesting activity with friends, getting to do a bit of psychology stuff and manipulating things to a degree. I'm in a wonderful position to completely ass rape a friend of mine mentally if I wanted to, but like I said hes a friend (even if hes done some retarded things in the past trying to get into penor fights), so I'm not going to play that game unless I would normally, and its kind of a complicated situation there. Very interesting though, and potential to come back into contact with some old, but crazy friends. Not likely, but possible.

Anyway, back to gnawing away at this chocolate block. Kinda fun, but my teeth fucking hurt.


Drac said...

You're such a psycho. Lay off the sugar.

Sodako said...

why? stuffs good. In fact I think I'm going to have some for breakfast now.