Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ten Year Olds in University

I haven't really hidden the fact that I've had problems with my housemates up in Toronto, but it has gotten way worse. Initially, I didn't have any problems with this one guy, but now he thinks hes the greatest thing ever and doesn't need to pay attention to what anyone else says. . . so basically hes ripped off part of our bathroom door and likely damaged his room (which we all have to pay for unless we burn his ass, which I'm going to do). He has also created numerous issues with noise and just acting like a ten year old in general, even going so far as to try to provoke me while I'm not even in the country via facebook, which was a good laugh but its a clear sign that its high time he gets out of a respectable university and starts begging for change, because quite honestly thats what he deserves. Not sure how the hell he got in.

Chances are when I bring up the problem, I will be the one moved, but if I can essentially prove that he has damaged the house. . . he might get removed from the school entirely. To be honest, I want to burn this guy. It would be so satisfying to see him kicked off campus after all of the shit he has pulled, and maybe I'd be a bad person for genuinely enjoying ruining someone else's life, but hes well on his way to putting a significant dent in mine, so, him or me I guess.

Anyway, I've mostly been playing Guild Wars because its easier to pick up and put down whenever I want to, and with finals and getting back to California its been a little rough finding time to just sit down and play, but I think I'm slowly getting back into an FFXI mood, though some minor drama mongering has put me off a tiny bit. I will likely continue with RDM, I still want it up, but I'm at the stage where I just need to get any motivation at all back, and then move up from there to whatever comes next.

Oh, also: California is colder than Toronto? lolwut? Seriously though, 33 here, 37 there, kind of disturbing. At least theres no snow I suppose, and I've got my cat and a TV and real food (something other than pasta). Parents have done some yelling, and forced me to follow suit, but its MOSTLY been nice, and its certainly better than having some 19 year old who thinks hes 10 slamming his keyboard because he sucks at Half-Life. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he realizes that I wasn't joking about having a chat with some UTSC staff

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