Saturday, December 01, 2007

Miserable Failures

So a while ago I joined up with a group moving through Chains of Promathia missions, and it was going MOSTLY ok, and a few of the people on the runs are actually quite smart, but eventually it got kind of. . . . . .

There is one central character in all of this bullshit, and I'll just call him lolNIN until he pisses me off enough that I feel the need to reveal his name. The short version is he is a complete moron who never prepares for anything at all and needs to have his hand held through every single thing no matter how trivial.

First instance was prep work for Mammets. For those of you who don't know, the prep involves a lot of running around, and if you're a retard (or just lolNIN) it takes FOREVER. Amazingly, I was lucky enough to be paired off to DUO the entire thing with this moron. He is a level 60 NIN. He is rank 4. He needs ports for every step the entire way.

The prep also involves fighting an ant lion that regains all of its HP if it returns to its spawn point, which it attempts to do every time it uses an ability. It took about 5 minutes of saying "MOVE THE FUCK AWAY FROM ITS SPAWN" and it got all of its HP back about 6 times before this retarded lolNIN could figure out that he needed to move. Several call1's were also involved. After that, whenever it moved back and we couldn't turn it, I had to spend about 2-3 minutes again spamming that he needed to get away from the spawn before he moved. After about half an hour he finally figured it out and it only took a couple notices in /p before he moved.

Please note that nothing in this is an exageration. I really did have to spend about 5 minutes getting this jackass to move away from the spawn, and it really did take about half an hour for him to figure out why DESPITE KNOWING THAT IT GOT ALL ITS HP BACK AT THE SPAWN POINT.

Eventually, after being about 2 hours late thanks to this guys inability to do his rank 5 mission, we got to Monarch Linn. We go in for the first run, seems to be going ok, we had three NINs (or two NINs and one lolNIN depending how you count). How I did not see this coming is beyond me, but the lolNIN got the mage mammet, and IMMEDIATELY pulled it right in between the other two NINs so that any AoE would pretty much hit everyone. At this point I figure that maybe hes just trying to fuck this up, but apparently he really is that stupid. After a few pointed comments in his direction we went again, told him to just shut up and go hump a wall with his mammet, and we won.

A few days later, we go to Pso'Xja to farm chips to get the pass for the Diabolos fight, and not 2 minutes after he and I zone in he spawns the two golems from the thing that you get the. . . . blue? bracelet from and is promptly assfucked. Of course, he decided not to follow me, so I can't do anything to make up for his idiocy until I run back and raise his sorry ass.

Now, we're on Ouryu, and while we lost the first fight (and had to warp because everyone was retarded and spammed their mistmelts on the first time he went up until they had none left), lolNIN amazingly managed to not fuck up anything major that I noticed. Course, now that we're on our way back to run it again he and everyone else in our party except me managed to split up into two groups, both aggro hippos, and both die, so, don't give him too much credit.

Gonna write a non-rant bit later probably once I have enough free time to fiddle with pictures.


Drac said...

lolNIN needs moar cowbell.

Thazienne said...

I've got a calls for more cowbell.

Ding, Ding, Ding