Monday, December 03, 2007

Progress. . . . ?

Managed Rank 8. . . . last night? I don't remember, my asshole housemate in the room next to mine keeps cussing at his computer because he sucks at games and dies a lot so I haven't really been able to get that much sleep despite telling him to shut up on more than one occaison. Anyway, yea. Rank 8, pretty nice, but I've got 10 in my sights.

As mentioned previously, I've been going through the CoP missions. . . ya know the more I see him the more I feel like Bahamut is a little pansy. I mean, if the Mammets were kicking his ass a little, surely he can't be THAT mean.

Beat up the Mammets pretty easily second run we went through on it. Oops, lolNIN is in this picture. Maybe I should have censored the names. . . . nah.

Also kicked Diabolos' ass, wasn't too hard, but it kinda blew that we had to run down there for it twice.

Best cutscene ever. I'm sure there are already MANY rule 34 related images around on the net somewhere.

Also kept leveling BRD though I've stopped recently because farming up the level 59 elegy is a pain in the ass and I don't really feel like spending the money on it yet, but with my source of income going through the roof thanks to the re-nerfing of 2 handers, that might change soon.

Lastly, Imac was around a couple weekends ago and there were a few fun moments, this being the primary highlight.

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