Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why red?

Been leveling Red Mage lately, wondering exactly why its red and not green or something. Someone also asked me why I was leveling RDM, which kinda surprised me. Its a semi-useful situational sub to have for WHM, to be sure, but honestly I just felt like leveling it. Also, Galbatorix's Phalanx II made me a little jealous, it seemed extremely sexy and useful.

Currently sitting at 26, dinged earlier today before I went down for a nap. The party I got was kinda. . . . not so hot, but we powered through it and at that level it doesn't really matter anyway. Just not as smooth as I would have liked.

So far I really like the job but its been rough keeping up with resists. It has felt kind of like BLM, where I was having a lot of trouble having my spells not get resisted even though I had pretty much the most INT gear I could get. Because of that and mostly only really having debuffs that're useful (DNC take care of healing pretty much exclusively in the lower levels now, because theres so many of them and because there are so few WHMs) I've felt like I wasn't really a good use of a party slot most times, but even so things seem to be going ok, and around 33 things will begin to change dramatically.

I've also been really unsure what kind of gear exactly I'm supposed to wear. I feel like a WHM, except everything is the holy breastplate, and by the way if anyone reading this is a WHM who wears that, go kill yourself. I mean I get that RDM is supposed to be a hybrid but gear wise that turns into light DD gear because all the mage stuff thats even vaguely useful is either all jobs or the 'pure' mages only. I mean it doesn't really matter, I just feel weird wearing lizard gear into the late 20s because theres nothing worth upgrading to unless I wanted to look more pretty and go with beetle.

Thankfully school has more or less ended until next semester with the exception of finals, which is mainly why I'm moving significantly on RDM, but it also means that my housemates are around constantly so its been kind of a game of seeing if I can guess when they'll be loud and act like retards so I can fall asleep and then avoid them waking me up 2 hours later. Its also been rough actually trying to keep a reasonable sleep schedule. I'm a pretty light sleeper typically, I mean not that it matters since these idiots literally slam things around at 5 AM (like punching walls slamming) so even if I could sleep through the more minor stuff, that would wake me up pretty quickly, but a lot of the time they either keep me up or wake me up shortly after I fall asleep. . . . . I'm really looking forward to going home for a few weeks. There're a number of things I want to do and people I want to see (like my cat), but at the moment it looks like I might have to go down to southern california for christmas yet again which pretty much assfucks any plans I had to do anything even remotely relaxing over break. At any rate, I gotta get through finals first I guess.

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