Monday, December 24, 2007

Crappy Music Day

Yes, its that time of year again. When some twit who no one will stand up to puts on horrible "holiday" music that would never sell at all if not for its "festive" aspects. I mean, come on, seriously everyone agrees here right? The music fucking sucks without exception. Doesn't matter if you normally listen to rap, rock, lolemo music, or whatever. This is the time of year when we can all come together in agreement over how ridiculously horrible Christmas music is.

Anyway, on to FFXI. For a long while I was looking to pick up a scroll of Carnage Elegy, but they cost a ton on the AH and Draco and I have both spent days (almost a month) trying to farm the damn thing. I think. . . night before last or around there, Draco managed to get the drop, and sent it over to me, so I owe him big time. Between the links and the fact that it took FOREVER to just get the damn thing to drop, it was really rough to try and get.

As a result, I'm looking to level bard again, and I do need to get my hands on those last two pieces of AF (body and hands), and work on the Opo-opo Crown and then finally a Minstrel's Coat to finish pimping out my bard, none of it is really necessary and I don't really need to pause my leveling for any of it. They can be taken care of as things go on, and I should be able to manage 75 in no time, which opens up new opportunities for meriting.

I've also been sorta half looking to get my hands on a Soboro and get dancer up to 37 for a very fun combination of SAM/DNC. For me, it would likely be perfect. I'd be able to support the group through healing tons, possibly also tank a little, and to top it off still be capable of doing some considerable damage. The only thing that would suck is that imps would absolutely destroy me even more than they already do, and I think we all know how often parties go after imps. Oh well, at the very least it'd be freaking disgusting for soloing random things and for coffer key raids. Hell I'd probably wind up soloing most of my keys after setting that up.

Anyway, off to get breakfast. At my grandparents house in San Diego, would MUCH rather be at home but it can't be helped.

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