Friday, June 15, 2007

Work is done, time to play

I've finally managed to get past the last major spike in work for the school year, all thats left are a few minor assignments, and then finals. That also means that I can finally really play, though, not really since all of my highschool friends are back in town, so I need/want to spend time with them frequently.

Either way, theoretically getting promys done this weekend, and if I'm lucky I'll manage to bring SAM up to 40+ as well (yay for Sandy CP armor, can't wait to pop that gear on, none of my characters have EVER been able to wear any form of 'heavy' armor).

Basic goals for weekend
- Level SAM significantly, ideally to or past 40
- Get a variety of raids done for linkshell, including two runs at the WHM AF3 NM and one (two?) at Miser Murphy for RDM
- Have Polearm leveled up to cap or near cap for when SAM hits Garlaige against bats (I'm happy to say I'm mostly done with this already, and I pull off a lot of damage with it)

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