Monday, June 25, 2007


Promys didn't happen. Again. I'm about ready to just start shouting in whitegate. I'm not going to blame anyone specifically for that, but I'm also not going to deny that its really frustrating me to the point where I'm questioning how much I should be helping out. Maybe I'm getting kinda angry about it a bit too early, and I should be more patient, but I feel like thats been the main thing I'd like to get done that I needed help with for a long time now.

Whatever. I'll get it done one way or another and if I can't get over that then I'll help less and show that it pissed me off.

Aside from trying to get that done, I've got finals the next three days (one a day) and then I'm free until I fly off to Canada to go to Toronto in. . . September? Dunno exactly when and I'm not worrying about it much because I'll be flying up with a highschool friend who also goes there anyways.

I'm planning on getting WHM to 75 before I make any more major runs with SAM unless I seriously get sick of WHM, which is absolutely possible. This'll not only help me make money for funding SAM when I do blitz it again but it'll give me time to do promys and get the neccesary subligar to get THF and SAM JSE. Also at the moment it'll help me make a little bit of money since I'm switching out my Blessed Briault for an Errant Houppelande, the former costing about 20-30k more than the latter.

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