Wednesday, June 06, 2007


First of all, and probably most importantly, I static'd with Galb, DW, and Draco a couple days back, and we all got 50, so we can now work on AFs. It actually was a pretty bad day as far as our statics go, usually do much better, but I'm just happy we got 50. I also really wasn't in the mood with THF that much, so I don't feel like I ever actually hit my rythym in the party, and Draco wasn't feeling too great about it either. Who knows why it worked out like that, just an off day I guess. Either way, as a result of that we can all start on AFs, which is a lot of fun, especially for me since theres no key farming involved. That of course immediately led to me picking up my gloves (haven't actually gone and killed dark spark yet, so no picture), and my pants, which I love a lot. . . .they look awesome. I really can't wait until we get 56 or so, the true THF look will finally show on Soda, and I'll really enjoy running around with it. Also I'm approaching the THF level where I left Sorako, and I'm fairly certain everything else that Sorako had Sodako now has better. Bounding Boots, Empress Pin, subs leveled, WHM way up, rank 6, and some nice crafting levels (53.9 cooking right now, would easily be a LOT higher but I just haven't gotten around to it).

I've also been making quite a bit of money, and as a result have managed to pick up a Blessed Briault, along with the boots, both of which aren't that expensive, but I also have enough money to snag the pants once things sell, and the gloves of course will quickly follow. After that WHM is pretty much set for a while, or at least its as good as I care to make it right now, since I also have another Woodsman Ring, a Haubergeon, and a Scorpion Harness on my mind. Not to mention just random crap needed for THF and SAM.

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