Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today has kind of sucked.

The weekend started off well enough, on Friday we did 2 WHM AF3s, both RDM AF3 NMs, Crawler's Nest key + coffer, THF AF2 NM in Sauromugue Champaign (only really me and galb on that one), and two Garlaige Citadel coffers. We also tried for a long time to get a Beadeaux coffer key but it wouldn't drop for us.

Today however, I basically just got up at 2 PM (stayed up until 5 AM helping draco with his computer, or trying to help anyways) and waited to see whether or not staticing THF would happen, and I was hoping it would, but at 9 PM I just said fuck it and started seeking SAM. Very stupid to have waited that long but I did. At any rate, now I've been waiting for an invite for like an hour and a half or something, with no luck. Not a good day.

Oh, also I might not even manage finishing promys tomorrow because its father's day I think. Admittedly getting a little jaded, similar to how I felt when I was trying to pull off Genkai 2 and my WHM AF3.

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