Saturday, June 30, 2007

Best NM claim ever

So yesterday, and a little bit the day before (sorta, it was early morning for most of us) some of us were camping Kreutzet for Supergirl's Sirocco Kukri, which we eventually got last night after seeing 3 pops. Draco naturally got both the claim and the kill.

So then I went to do prep work on THF AF3 cause everyone said they were really awake and wanted something to do, and Super got a little bored and went to check Ose in Onzozo. It was up, and some RMTs were fighting it. They wiped, and around then Draco and Super were there so they claimed it but both died, then I went in, Raise III'd them both, and then noticed that Galb was en route. . . .on his RDM. Freaking. Genius. I IMMEDIATELY used my Elemental Seal + Sleep macro on Ose, and then Galb got there right as Ose woke up, and he slept it until we were ready to totally wtfpwn it while the RMTs watched and spammed /tells to Draco. We didn't get the drop, but jacking it from RMTs like that was fucking awesome.

Anyways, thats about it, not much else has gone on yet.

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Drac said...

Yeah that night was pretty classic. I had a good bit of fun, especially considering how grumpy I was previous to our excursions.

This kind of thing is what keeps me coming back for more.