Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Almost there. . .

Today is the last day that I really have finals. I have a CSS project due tonight that I'll be starting soonish, and then a little essay that is due for my Speech class, which is a self assesment, and I think I will do extremely well with that. I'm not really stressed, or worried really. The main thing is. . . once this is over, thats it. I'm done. I just have to wait until I fly up to Toronto. Its like I've been running laps around a track for 20 years and now the finish line is only 5 or 10 feet in front of me, and in clear view.

At any rate, beyond that, the San Jose Sharks, who I've been a fan of since I could understand what hockey was, traded one of their goalies, Vesa Toskala (who kicks ass) to the Toronto Maple Leafs, so now I have a reason to vaguely be interested in the Leafs up in Toronto, even though I'm a habs fan as well (I can't wait to get shit for that in Toronto).

Lastly, for FFXI, I managed to get 72 WHM, and 45 SAM, so I'm trying to sell my Blessed Briault and wearing the errant full time. I think the main thing I really need for WHM at this point is Blessed Trousers and then I'm set until I want to pimp WHM out more. On SAM I am now wearing Brigandine, which is my least favorite armor in the entire game due to the fact that from 45-59 on Sorako's THF I had to wear it, and that was about. . . damn, it was at least like 3 months, maybe up to 6. That being said, it actually looks pretty good with okotes, and I only have to wear it until 50 probably, and I don't run around on SAM usually (yet) so I think it won't drive me insane just yet.

I almost forgot, but I will be picking up a Wii pretty soon probably. Perhaps there is a chance that it is a fad and won't be very popular after a little while longer, however, as a business Nintendo convinced me of its intelligence with the DS. To have something (dual screens) that I was so convinced was completely stupid sell extremely well convinced me that while Nintendo's ideas may not seem to be smart choices, once you try out what they do yourself, it becomes clear that they only seem stupid at first, but in actuality are brilliant and well executed ideas. Not sure if that made much sense, but yea, buying a Wii I believe, though I'm kinda tossing around the idea of passing up a Wii for a 360 or even a laptop if I save up, but both of them, particularly the laptop, are a little major for the budget I'm working on with college. We'll see, anyways. If I somehow manage a job in Toronto I'll likely wind up with 2 of the 3.

At any rate, I should get to work on that CSS project so I can be done with it.

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