Sunday, June 24, 2007


Well, I managed to get my SAM up to 42. . . pretty fun, snagged a tilt belt and then a walkure mask in anticipation of 43, but I couldn't get a party so I just played some Battlefield 2 while I downloaded a free MMO called Space Cowboy thats pretty cool. You fly a jet, sci-fi type thing, really fun to me. So tomorrow I'm theoretically doing Promys, which'll be a lot of fun, I'm looking forward to it, particularly looking forward to running around in the Tavnazia areas afterwards, I really want to see those areas as its something I've never done before in my FFXI career. Though, I have a hockey game tomorrow at 4 PM also, and while thats pretty early for a hockey game I'm a little worried about timing with the promys, though nothings been said so far.

Oh well. Either way, life'll go on, so whatever. The main reason I even want it right now is I'm getting close to being able to use the SAM JSE which is freaking awesome, has Store TP + 9 on the body and then the pants which drop off an NM in Oldton throw on another 6, and the best part is they look cool. I'm really looking forward to that, but I fear that I might not be able to snag them before I hit 50.

Also there, hopefully I'll manage to get the THF JSE as well, which would be quite sexy as I'd be using it pretty much forever, and it too has a cool graphic. That and I'm tired of being jealous of THFs that I see running around in it.

Lastly, I got my Tactics Pearl FINALLY. Now, this is actually making me kinda want to solo with my NPC, and I've been doing quite a bit while I seek on SAM. Luckily my NPC is only 35 so I still get reasonable exp for her off of junk that my SAM can easily slap around. What I really can't wait for is being able to solo in Xarcabard or Castle Zvahl, against Demons, who'll drop horns for me, and be intimidated by me. That being said, I'm looking forward to just soloing with SAM in general, or even with THF. One thing in particular I kind of want to be able to do is easily solo in Zi'Tah, because, like everyone else, I really like the zone and I spent some of my time prior to the first time I quit there, trying to get tree cuttings, so theres a fair bit of nostalgia involved.

60-70 THF and SAM in early August
75 WHM by mid-July (earlier = better)
37 RDM by late July (not sure how much I care about this, but its useful for raids)

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