Sunday, October 01, 2006

Um. . . I'm not going to complain, but what the crap?

Well, last night I was level 50. Was just hoping to be able to use my dark and light staves. At the end of last night I was level 52 and halfway through to 53. Now, I'm 53, and quite close to 54. So, now I need Genkai 2, my AF from the Garlaige Citadel coffer (head piece), Raise II soon, and my BLM leveled a bit (its 30 at the moment) sooner than I'd anticipated. If this continues, I think I'm going to just take WHM to 75 before touching much of anything else unless its in a static. That way I figure I'll be able to take whatever I want straight to 75 without being constrained by level caps, particularly the Maat fight (which is stupidly easy with WHM if you didn't know), and I'll be able to merit junk if I feel like it. Furthermore I'll be able to do end game stuff with all my old friends, get Hexa Strike, Black Halo, and if I can convince people to help me, Reverend Mail (I think thats what its called). Actually, after writing all that, I think I've convinced myself that I want to take WHM to 75 now. It'd also just be nice to get it out of the way, and have a job at 75 to take care of things that my other jobs can't. The only thing I'm really worried about is making money, and I've got clothcraft at 22 to help with that, but it just hasn't been enough. I've been farming on my THF but thats been taking a while too with not much to show for the time I've put into it. On the other hand, I should be doing some BCNMs soon with Draconum and either Dungeonwhipper or Galbatorix, so that might make life much much easier as far as gil goes.

Of course, since I got 52, I can wear the WHM AF boots, which Draconum helped me pick up earlier today.

Overall this isn't a horribly amazing piece of gear (except for soloing, its veeeeery sexy for soloing), but its a lot better than the seer's boots I was wearing, so I'm not going to complain. The MP boost is certainly nice for the slot.

Next up is my AF hat at 54, but I think I'm going to wait on getting it because I'm just going to be wearing my gold hairpin in exp anyways. I'd be all for getting it if it didn't likely mean I'd have to get Draconum (who pretty much ends up going on every single raid for anything the link ever does) to come and do the majority of it, so I'd much rather wait on it until no one else really needs anything and Draco has had a bit of a break from helping everyone, or until I can get someone other than Draco to help me out.

And now because I'm bored, have some random screenshots.

Just me, Draconum, Dungeonwhipper, and Galbatorix killing Ahtu for Draco's key.

This is how you leave Fort Ghelsba in style. Draco was power leveling my MNK to 12 so I could duo with his RNG, and once we finished, this is how we left.

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