Saturday, September 30, 2006


50 WHM! Freaking finally. The last two days, I was seeking for about 6 hours total, at level 49 with about 2k until 50, and I got nothing. Not even idiotic RMTs trying to invite me. Today though, I got a craptacular party, which disbanded pretty quick (NIN lost hate to 1 Cure II, WAR was a douche for lack of a better way to put it, and the RDM never refreshed anyone, lotted on things, and was afk 90% of the time), and was then invited to a really nice party that quickly got me 50 and then some. Of course, I've already knocked off G1, so right now I'm just seeking and waiting to get 51 so I can use my shiny new staves (picked up dark and light a few days back). I've also leveled a number of other things, and I'm too lazy to look at my older posts to see exactly how far I've progressed, so here they are:

I've also run into a lot of old friends in Coejus' linkshell (such as Coejus), which has been quite fun.

As far as what I'd like to do in FFXI right now. . . . hmm. White Mage to 51 is my immediate short term goal, then hopefully to 60 relatively quickly, along with maybe SAM going up a bit too, but I dunno if I really feel like dealing with the dunes again on a melee job just yet, so thats holding me back a little. Now that I think about it, I'm almost back into the mood to take Bard up some more, maybe to 40 or so. . . I'll probably do that after WHM hits 60 unless I get frustrated in the 50s.

Oh well, back to seeking. . . hopefully I'll manage 51 tonight, that'd make me quite happy. . . really want to equip those staves. . .

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