Friday, October 06, 2006


So, its early friday afternoon, got back from Japanese class a little while ago. Its pretty fun, learning lots of stuff, just getting the alphabet down now. As far as FFXI goes. . . lets see. Finished G3, the last hard one for me. Got 58 WHM, so I can almost equip all the AF (most of which I don't have yet, go figure). Going on a raid with the linkshell in about an hour and a half for RDM/WHM/THF AF3s (not my WHM AF3, a friend's), and hopefully a Beadeaux coffer key for the same friend as the WHM AF3. At the moment I'm partying with Encino's SAM, my BLM, and some random WHM/BLU (I'm convinced that if they weren't here, exp wouldn't suck) in Qufim, but we're making like. . . I dunno 200 an hour or less. At any rate, thats it for now, hopefully I'll party WHM later tonight, and maybe I'll update this later with how successful the raid was.

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