Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More progress

Well, first thing I really did today was get some friends together to help me get my Crawlers' Nest coffer key. At first, it was just me and Encino, but after a while we gave up, and later in the day, we got back together with Bloodless and Dungeonwhipper, and the four of us went back, and got the key on the third Helm Beetle we killed. After that, I ran around, found the coffer, popped it, and found a little something special inside.

Now, mind you, when I popped it and got my pants (freaking finally, I HATE my RSE leg piece now. . . been wearing it since 31), I was only level 55 still, so I couldn't wear them. So, right after that, all four of us went over to Beadeaux to try and get Encino's coffer key for his PLD AF legs. While we were slaughtering Quadav, I got level 56 (I had used my dragon chronicles from this week's chocobo race on my WHM to bring me within 200 of 56 earlier, so it was quite easy).

So, now I'm 4 levels away from needing to level my sub, 4 away from needing G3 done (going to work on that tommorow perhaps), and a mere 19 levels from 75. Also it seems like the cost of spells seriously tapers off after Raise II (which I still need to buy/farm ><), so I'm looking forward to cheap gear and such. At any rate, its time to sleep, I have class at 10 AM tommorow (yay for early morning Japanese).

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