Saturday, October 07, 2006

What. The. Fuck.

This evening, I had the good fortune to have a great friend (Encino) be in the middle of helping a group of friends with someone's WHM AF3 when I logged on, and they were willing to let me join. So, we went over to eldieme after I helped Encino get 72 BLM back using the chocobo race thing, and we get to the hume bones and start killing dark stalkers. After a while, the bell for me drops, I lot, and wait. And wait. And wait. Then, not thinking about what was up with the bell, Encino and I disband from our part of the alliance and join the main group for escape. We escape, they go to do the shadowlord fight, and I warp to whitegate. I check my inventory. No bell. I check my key items, cause I figured it might be that and I was just having weird false memories. No bell. The stupid bitch WHM who the group was mainly doing the run for never fucking passed. Just to make it clear she was a fucking moron, she was wearing the earring that is activated by WHM sub, the AF hat (it was fairly clear this was what she wore in exp), and had no dark staff at 57. Oh, and shes rank 3. I pity anyone who parties with her.

Words can not describe how much I want to strangle this stupid selfish bitch. Normally, this wouldn't piss me off as much as it did, but I know damn well that there isn't going to be any kind of raid from my linkshell to help me get this probably within the next month, and I'm probably going to be 75 by then. Additionally, if I had the AF body, I'd wear it in exp and I could sell my crow jupon and mule my seer's tunic. I need the money from the crow jupon to update other pieces of gear.

Saying much more would likely result in me spewing out profanities and wishes that this stupid WHM would suffer some misfortune. . . like de-leveling to level 4. . . fuck that'd be satisfying. At any rate, I'm done, beyond still feeling like I need to kill her.

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