Monday, May 18, 2009

Eight months away and still angry

First thought I had in the first trip back to Whitegate after being away from the game for either months?

Fucking gimp hachiman SAMs.

I guess I haven't changed. At any rate I'm back, and thoroughly enjoying things like Field of Valor and actually having JA's on WHM that I didn't have to merit for (Divine Seal and the two hour don't really count).

Unfortunately many friends are gone or out of the circles I tend to hang in (I don't wanna be that guy who spends 10 minutes in 6 different linkshells every hour), but there're new people to meet too, so I guess that's just how life goes.

The future right now mostly involves determining how deeply into end game I'm willing to delve (not very) and who I should do that with, since I honestly want to spend my time with Versus because they're an excellent group, but I don't really have the time to do all their stuff so I'm unsure what I should be doing there.

Of course, I'm already back doing dynamis because I loved the shell I was in even more than I loved Versus, no offense to Versus. It was also quite nice to see that they had enough faith in me to throw me right into WHMing the tank party on my second run back, that really helped me get back into a groove.

Don't really have much to complain about really, at least beyond people doing back to back blog entries and putting themselves on TTTO three times in a row like a child pestering his mother for attention. Bet that pisses someone off and they leave an angry comment, but I guess that's pretty much why I'm saying it.


Ringthree said...

We liked you too! :) Welcome back.

Hachiman SAMs piss me off too. :(

And I think actually thinking of taking my blog off of TTTO because of the problem you mentioned, because my blog is probably going to be updated multiple times a day soon, so it will be bumped on TTTO a lot.

Starcade, now from Leviathan said...

Just so you know:

The only time I did that was when I actually had several things in mind, sequentially... :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Sodako!... even though we don't really hang out a lot. (=p)

As far as the whole "multiple line of posts" bit on TTTO, that's part of what makes me leary with my blog posts. I'd rather make separate entries for all the stuff I want to blog on one day instead of cramming it all into one post. *lol* Yet I don't want to look like an attention whore for it. Guess there's no winning!... unless I log onto TTTO and remove non-FFXI posts from the listing. *lol*

JP said...

yea there isn't really a good solution for it, and I understand the reasons for separating posts, it was just this one guy who did 3 right at the start of a few days in a row that I thought was kinda lame

Evilpaul said...

You can go into the 'Edit Blog' thing on TTTO and hide your entries. (The guy who runs it tends to hide non-FFXI ones on my blog when I forget to.) I try to keep it to one post a day on there so as not to flood it.