Thursday, September 11, 2008


Apparently someone complained about people putting their blog on TTTO and then talking about WoW.

Personally I think it's stupid to begin with, and it irritates me a bit when I go on there to read stuff about FFXI (and the entire point of the thing is to list blogs about FFXI) and then half the people are talking about another game or even something else even less related to FFXI. Occasional stuff is, ya know, whatever, but people repeat it and some days its kind of stupid. The front page is getting cluttered as it is within single days now.

A person responded to the guy who complained and claimed that there isn't a lot to post about for most people (about FFXI).

What this person should have said is that they have moved on from FFXI and are doing other things, but are either to lazy to remove their no longer relevant content from TTTO, or don't want to give up the exposure that the site brings.

As far as the particular person goes, I don't give a shit and it doesn't matter. No idea who they are, don't really care, but I'm tired of finding my water replaced with vodka.

Personally I'd be content with some kind of feature to prevent certain blogs from appearing on what shows up when I visit TTTO while logged in, but whatever. No one is paying Wyred to filter lack of judgment.


Vacious~Wacious said...

I can't help but agree- people are sore that someone pointed out all the WoW, but I mean, it -is- TaruTaruTimes, "Bringing together the Final Fantasy XI blogging community." Blogs can be divided up, posted on certain sites that will automatically do so, etc., as I do with my RL blog vs. XI blog. But I digress...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that I had moved on from FFXI, but thank you for informing me of such.

I did mean what I said, there is not much to post about in FFXI anymore.

I did Ultima last night, same stuff dropped as every run. I did Omega last week, same stuff dropped as every run. I did Dynamis 2 days ago, same stuff didn't drop. Not the most exciting stuff out there.

The WoW stuff is different, hasn't been posted a bazillion times, and by your own admission, a lot of FF players care about WoW. Therefore, the community cares.

Oddly enough, by your rules about what should show up on TTTO, this post shouldn't be there. It is your thoughts on what should and should not be on TTTO, which is not FFXI. This is just as irrelevant as the posts you dislike so.

Sodako said...

actually there are days when 50% of the shit on TTTO is about WoW, which is just retarded, no matter how you explain it away as "relevant".

I'd love for you to point out where I said that most FFXI or even a significant % of FFXI players care even a tiny bit about WoW.

And yes, this post shouldn't be here, because there shouldn't be anything to complain about in the first place.

Its common fucking sense.

Drac said...

I bought some cookies today. I made sure to get milk for the cookies and caffeine-chocked soda for gaming sessions.

Before you dismiss my comment, I'd like to say that it belongs here. I'm certain that, if polled, a significant % of the FFXI community likes cookies and/or soda.