Thursday, July 10, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Thief

Why hello there Billy, it looks like you've gotten your Thief all the way up into the seventies! That's swell!

You've got your War Gloves, and you even noticed that TPing in Rogue's Culotte is gimp! You sure are moving forward Billy.

What's that Billy? You've upgraded your daggers you say? That's great, let's see what you got.

Wait, what the. . . Billy, what the fuck is this shit?

More critical hits? No, fuck you Billy. Fuck you right up the ass. Heart Snatcher is a piece of shit. Toss it now.

I don't give a shit that you spent days unlocking it Billy, you're a fucking retard. Toss it.

Wait, no, hold on. You're off-handing a Thief's Knife? And you're taking these to Frankie's merit party?

I'm sorry Billy, but you're being reassigned to WoW. Now get the fuck out before I find my belt.

This message has been brought to you by: Every god damn hour I've spent seeking my Thief because of the countless gimps who play the job making everyone think we're less useful than other jobs.

I'm looking at you Katoke. You and everyone like you.


Drac said...

You raged.

I lol'd.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol good thing i don't play thf anymore.