Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grindan Gaems

To be honest I can't even remember when I got each level but I think I've gone from 44 to 48 and change on RDM so far. At the moment I'm 3k into 48, but I'll probably ding again tonight if I can stay up. Hell maybe I'll hit 50. That'd be kind of depressing actually.

Why the hell am I leveling RDM like this? Honestly I don't know. I just sort of decided that I want RDM at 75 and now its going to get done. I'll inevitably fall short and get sick of it (hopefully after 60), but for the moment I'm riding out my momentum and hoping I have what it takes to just burn the damn thing to 75. Maybe after or during that I'll find the motivation to do similar things with THF (72) and BRD (65).

It'll be great, I can go from being a princess on RDM and BRD and then raging with righteous fury against princesses and gimp THFs while trying to cap my THF.

Anyway, for the 5 of you who actually read this crap, how are the Public Service Announcements? I've thought about doing one for each job and if they're good enough, going through another cycle, but I want to put a lot of effort into them and make people laugh, so if its just going to get old after another couple I'd rather not bother.

I would very much like to get people to laugh (and maybe make a few people realize that they're doing something stupid. . .).

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