Thursday, July 10, 2008

Conversations with teh Draco

So Draco has always been kind of anti-end game, and doesn't like people who obsess over gear and spend all their time up in sky or things like that. However lately I've noticed hes been talking a lot about end-game gear and trying to get a group going for assault and salvage and nyzul and all this junk, so I was talking to him a moment ago, and heres the conversation:

Draco: No kidding
but yeah i'm just plotting out what the best for each of my probable 75s is, and then seeing if I can overlap
From the looks of it, PLD and DRG will share a fair amount

me: so I guess you've officially broken down now huh

Draco: I'm just putzing

me: sure you are

Draco: We'll see how things go
I keep calling it a perfect world pipe dream so I don't get obsessive
but I don't have much else to do but collect shit

me: "I'm not gay, I just like anal sex"

Draco: I bought every damn thing already
Fuck you lol

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Drac said...

Blow me.