Thursday, October 25, 2007

Events, Meripos

I guess I'm 75 for real now.

Got my first merit last night. Came a lot faster than I thought it would. Second one was quick too even.

We broke about 5k off of my third, and once I get that, I'll be getting Devotion pretty much just because Draco wants it. I'm hoping to get that 5k in Besieged before this evening so I can surprise him with it and have it for Einherjar and Dynamis.

Yea, Einherjar and Dynamis. While I only really have one pearl for them so far, I more or less joined three linkshells yesterday. One for Einherjar, one for Dynamis, and a third for Sky when I get access as well as Salvage/Assault + other events when I can get access to them. I'm kind of really excited to be honest, I can't wait to see how it all works, and eventually snag some cursed gear (fucking cursed dalmatica is WAY too expensive). I also 'upgraded' my WHM's gear, which at the moment just amounts to buying an ether ring, but I'm going to snag a pair of blessed trousers as soon as I get the cash as well. After I get that I'll probably just take a week to wrap SAM up.

With SAM out of the way, it really becomes a question of how quickly I can blitz sky access. I'm not concerned with getting anything beyond that just yet, though obviously once its done I wanna work on completely wrapping up that series of missions, I've gotta just get to sky access first. After that, I could go on and on about what I'd like to get done, but if I manage sky access within 2-3 weeks I will be more than happy to sit with just that for a while.

I also need to determine what kind of income I may get from Einherjar and later sky. By the time I have it, it may not be horribly important since I'll have already gotten my Hagun and I already have my Noble's, but I'm certainly interested if it winds up meaning I don't need to spend much time elsewhere.

I'm not sure how I feel about the job at the moment, but depending how things go I may wind up taking BRD up next. It is already at 41, and Ringthree mentioned they were kind of short on BRDs, so I'd certainly get my use out of the job. My only real complaint with it would be having to pull, which kind of bothers me since I still don't understand why the hell BRDs pull. Oh well. I guess it will sort of depend on how much patience I have for the job when the time comes, because my problems with it before have mostly been the monotony of it, and I really don't do the constant manic running around of trying to put 4 songs up and then pulling fast. Ah well. Sure as hell wouldn't hurt to have leveled.

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