Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stupid People, Canadia, Renewed Interest

Been a bit since I last posted (whined), so theres actually something to talk (complain) about. Firstly, my method of making money is currently ~37.5% as effective as it was a couple months ago. Of course, the only reason this has happened is because of undercutters being morons and boning themselves and everyone else up the ass, which in turn leads me to the conclusion that there are very few people out there who are not idiots.

However, beyond all of that (whining), as you may or may not know I'm currently attending university up in Canadia (Toronto specifically). Beyond being significantly less than happy with my social life on many levels, its been pretty nice up here so far, though it would be nicer if it got colder and if I had my desktop, which is theoretically en route, might even get here today for all I know. Due to the fact that the university I'm going to apparently barely even offers computer science, and because of my transfer credits, for the moment I'm taking classes that I couldn't care less about (history, astronomy). On the upside, I have Monday and Friday off, which leads me to my renewed interest in some parts of FFXI.

For the moment it looks like the next job I'm going to level will be PLD, but it'd be static'd so that probably won't be eating up too much time. That being said, it looks like the WHM/NIN/THF static will start moving again as well, so I'm not sure whether I want to just do meripos/capping SAM + money making while neither of those is going or if I want to throw a third job on top of those two. The only real problem I'm facing in game right now is really how I am going to deal with my last few equipment upgrades for SAM, which is mostly just a hagun. NORMALLY that wouldn't be so rough but because of the undercutters I mentioned before, I know make money roughly one third as fast as I used to, and when you need to go well over a million to buy the gear you need. . . its not pretty. Keep in mind this is ignoring the fact that I also need to start looking at some minor upgrades for THF (its pretty decently equipped as it is so I ought to be fine) and then in the future PLD as well.

The bright side is, my money making abilities SHOULD get better as prices rise again, however the fact that prices are hitting this low mid-week is scaring me. Maybe I'll just go buy them all up. . .

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