Thursday, November 01, 2007


Easily the best laugh I've had in a very long time. I think Galb meant to say he couldn't figure out what it meant, but either way, it was hilarious.

I trio'd all of my weaponskill points with Draco and Galb a couple nights ago, and then yesterday while I was seeking SAM I saw someone shouting for the WSNM, so I joined up, got the kill, helped someone get Gimpulse Drive, and then enjoyed my final GKT WS until relic, if I ever pursue that.

Draco mentioned it in his blog, and honestly anyone who reads mine probably reads his, but, Draco, Galb and I joined an Einherjar link, and while we haven't won a run yet, the first run was quite promising and I think we'll be good as long as we filter out the retards, like the mob we got on Tuesday in our second run that wound up basically just sort of aggroing everything and then spreading out so the rape would be nice and slow over time.

I also joined Spirit of Evolution, which is kinda snazzy, but mostly only because Draco tanks it usually, so I WHM for him. The first run I went on was Jeuno, which was kind of a trial by fire since it was so nuts in there, but we did Windurst yesterday and that was kinda fun, but sorta meh for two reasons. First, its really hitting me that theres no way in fuck I'm getting any relic for a while. Second is the following and its implications.

This is one of the newer members of the link. Joined when I did, apparently. As you can see, hes a WHM, also a taru. Now, if you know your item icons, you already can kind of tell this guy isn't exactly the top of his class so to speak. Beyond that this guy is just fundamentally gimp, it bugs the shit out of me that no matter how much I try, how well I do, or how awesomely useful I make myself compared to this dink who brings fucking phalanx rings on WHM to dynamis, I will never, ever have priority on relic over this guy as long as we attend the same number of runs.

Yea, yea, equality and all that. Great. But you know what? Its bullshit that someone can bust their ass and be many times more useful to the entire group (see also: lolDracoTank) than most other people attending the run, yet when it comes time to see who gets what, they're just as good as this moron wearing probably the worst WHM setup I've ever seen while still having a Noble's. The guy even tried to act like wearing pseudo-tanking gear as a freaking WHM was justified. FFS you're a taru WHM, 20 defense from rings isn't going to slow your fall as you get assfucked by that NM. Get over it and do your damn job.

Here're the stats on the particularly lulzy pieces of gear he was wearing for those of you who don't memorize the images.

Oh, also we got some jackass RDM in Dynamis-Jeuno who almost never refreshed and lied about his sister's car running out of gas so he could afk for like an hour and watch some movie, and then when he "came back" he kept watching the damn movies. Then, just as icing on the cake, I /sea him after dynamis and the prick is seeking his 75 NIN, and his only search comment is "BRD burn only". Please, just, go kill yourself. Now, if possible. I'll tie the noose for you.

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Pyerzuka is a shitty Red Mage as well as a douche. Don't forget his epic lulz comment, "RDM is easy."