Sunday, October 21, 2007

Operation Hexa Strike. . . . Swarm

So Sundays are normally NIN/WHM/THF static with Galb/Draco/me, but today we wound up not running it, and instead there were a few fun things that were accomplished.

Firstly, and actually about midway through the evening, I got a little weapon skill that I've been wanting for a LONG time now.

Immediately after that, Draco Fmtwo and I ran off to meet up with Galb, and then on to Palborough to make 4 runs at Operation Desert Swarm which was. . . man. . . it was my first experience with it so my view of the drops is a little skewed, but I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. Oh and we split the loot by the way, but the way it played out we didn't really need to in order to make it even.

First up, Fmtwo's orb

Then Draco went

Followed by Galb

And finally, mine

Apparently, thats some insanely good loot, but honestly I really wouldn't know. I've never done these. All I know is I made 330k or so easily and had fun owning with friends while doing it. Quite a nice evening.

Oh, and because I haven't in a long while:

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