Friday, June 05, 2009


I never want to see any carapace powder ever again. Also, why is desynthing so retarded? How can they justify making something fail more than 75% of the time when 53 levels over its cap?

5/5 WHM relic now, somehow I managed to get the only useful piece other than the briault last. I mean even if its only macro'd into barspells, barspells are still pretty important.

Got my second piece of SAM relic too, except it's honestly useless to me because just a few days before I got these, I got. . .

Which I'll probably full-time on SAM since quite frankly the WS accuracy even with all the shit I leave in for WSing is retarded.

I also got cooking to 60 finally, not that it helps me really compared to what it was at before, but hey, its there. Haven't decided if I'm going to take cooking higher or just leave it there for now.

Oh and I got this thing.


Drac said...

Progress! Things are goin' your way on pretty much all fronts, looks like.

Sodako said...

sorta, actually getting levels isn't really happening