Friday, June 19, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Black Mage

Being a decent BLM is not hard. You don't even have to think very hard about it. All you need is some staves and whatever INT gear you can find, and for the run of the mill stuff you're set, at least for stuff like the beetles in Sauromug[tab] [S].

Now, I understand that earrings aren't that big of a deal, and, hey, I didn't get any either, so I'm not going to talk about the AGI earrings, but for fucks sake. What the fuck are you doing with a dusky staff at 51? What the fuck are you doing with a dusky staff EVER?

It ain't money, because I'm looking at Seer's Slacks +1 which offer a whole +1 MP over the NQ, and with the price difference there you could almost afford both a dark staff and an ice staff, and by NPCing the fucking dusky staff OH HEY LOOK THAT'S ENOUGH MONEY!

Y'all are fucking retards sometimes.


Drac said...

I lol'd.

Anexia said...

To play Devil's Advocate, I could understand if they were using that for drain/aspir/etc.. but if that's the ONLY staff they have... Oy.