Sunday, September 07, 2008

I cast the magic that makes the things do damn near anything

Random, just because its an awesome song:

Anyway, I've kinda looked at what I enjoy doing in FFXI a bit and, more and more, I'm thinking that what I really enjoy is being the mage. Specifically the very back-line ones that die fast and use MP. Melee is great and everything but. . . I'm not sure, I just don't get as into it these days, maybe I never really did, I don't know. I've thought about selling my SAM stuff, but people still want me on that sometimes and SAM/DNC is quite a lot of fun.

THF. . . eh, selling off THF gear would be heresy. Chances are I'll cut down on gear for both SAM and THF and hopefully have just the necessary junk. BRD also needs to be whittled down some, which is unfortunate because I'm sure once that hits 75, people're gonna be wanting it out, even though I'm better with my WHM than I'll ever be with BRD (though I have hit my groove a few times pretty hard).

I'm also thinking about picking up SCH next and demoting NIN to only doing anything when Draco is around to duo. SCH at high levels seems REALLY cool, and pretty fun, in addition to being versatile as anything out there. On top of that, I'd like it at 37 anyway for WHM; sublimation makes a very nice addition to WHM overall. Maybe I'll start it once BRD 75s, or immediately after the update so that 7-10 and beyond takes even less time. The only part I'm really hesitant about is dealing with the dunes, but I think I'll be able to figure out a way around that, somehow.

Also, the freaking hockey season needs to start. NOW.

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