Tuesday, November 06, 2007

LolRDM. . ?

Alright, I have a question to ask the FFXI community as a whole, or possibly specifically those who play RDM.

Why are half of the RDMs great players who pay attention, while the other half just suck completely beyond belief and cannot be bothered to actually play the game when they get a party?

Heres an example: In my static on Sunday, we initially had a RDM named Skelly. I had a bad feeling about him before the party started because he felt it was neccesary to spam a shout for people to join his linkshell in freaking Bibiki Bay. Shockingly, he sucked ass. I could give you specific examples of how he sucked, but really, I can sum it up by saying he was essentially afk 90% of the time and wasn't saying anything about it, not that it would have been alright if he had. Eventually, a mob pops on us, links, kills half the party, and Draco on WHM is the only one who attempts to sleep it, because guess what? Skelly has porn to watch, why the hell would he try and help the party or even pay attention? What a strange notion, this whole "playing the fucking game" thing.

Skelly the shittacular RDM is by no means an isolated case. I had another that went afk without saying anything in a party I had with Sicfreak on my BRD. The difference here was they went afk. . . and stayed afk for about 12 hours. Sic had a party there later and they were still there /healing in the same damn spot. Maybe they passed out? I don't know, and I don't care. You don't seek when you're really tired.

Yet, on the other side of things, we eventually got a replacement for Skelly, because he was embaressed to be revealed as the gimp moron he was. The replacement was another taru RDM named Tuzabuza, and he brought out the full potential of RDM. While Draco had to leave shortly after, if he had been there, he could have afk'd the whole thing and been gimp like Skelly and the party still would have gone smoothly. Tuzabuza took care of everything and had MP to spare. All in all, an extremely excellent RDM.

Tuzabuza's excellence however is not an isolated case either. There are quite a few excellent RDMs, and while I can't remember his name, I had a japanese RDM in one of my BRD parties that made BRD pulling extremely easy because if ballad wore for a short time while I was off pulling, he always had me covered and we didn't suffer because of it.

So why is it, that half of the players can play this job so well while the other half don't even try and are probably the most depressing samples of FFXI players in the game?



Drac said...

It's the same with many jobs, to an extent. Always a crap shoot with random people... Which is why after enough play time I have resorted to almost exclusively LS parties.

Anonymous said...

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