Saturday, July 14, 2007

Um. . . . Ok

So, SAM hit 50 a little while ago, I don't remember exactly when, but I did it. Then, invites just flat out stopped. The only thing that changed was a 49 turned into a 50 and it just went dead right then and there.

I have had 2 parties since I hit 50, one I am still in, and both have been absolutely horrible. The first one featured this incredibly retarded BRD who has SAM at 75 and as a result thinks he knows everything. He insisted that soboro was the greatest thing 50-72, which is a load of bullshit since its not even the greatest thing at 50. Sure, its good, but you hit like a pussy with it. Considering 50 is when you fight crabs in kuftal which are a royal BITCH to deal damage to, I'll take my other GKTs thank you. I laugh though cause the moron doesn't even have it yet he spouts this crap. He also claims that Tachi: Enpi is better than Tachi: Jinpu, which is stupid since Jinpu hits for more than double what Enpi can ever reach on a regular basis unless the mob has high defense, like crabs. Then, just to round it out, he thinks Lesser Colibri are a viable camp at level 50. Our tank was 49, and got absolutely fucking mauled by the birds when we went there, so we left for Quicksands, and then the tank hit 50, and the idiot started saying we should do Colibri. I was so very close to just telling him that he was a fucking idiot and that he needed to shut up as soon as possible, but, for some dumb reason I was feeling nice that day. Lastly, he said that RDM was a front line job, which was a mistell, but, further proved how phenomenally idiotic this jackass was.

Right now, I'm in the second party, which is WHM BLM RDM THF NIN SAM in Kuftal fighting crabs. This party set up would be great if more than half the party knew anything at all. At the beginning of the party, the THF would SATAVB ME instead of the NIN despite the fact that I could always get hate off the NIN even if I wasn't trying, so as a result I got nearly destroyed a few times, and finally I just started voking it any time I saw he had TP so the fool couldn't do anything retarded even if he wanted to. Normally I'd yell at him and tell him that SATA'ing me is stupid unless his goal is to deplete the WHM's MP, but he and the NIN are japanese so I can't really communicate well. Additionally, I can't even tell whether or not the NIN is any good because the stupid BLM can't stop nuking. The entire party so far, the BLM has periodically taken hate because they just won't stop casting. Sadly, the BLM is the leader, so I can't really say much to them about it since honestly if I ditched this horrible party I'd have to probably wait another 10ish hours seeking to find another thats pretty much as crappy.

I guess the upside is I got a couple AF pieces. The pants and the gloves for SAM, and I'm halfway through the AF2 quest. I also managed to finally get my THF AF body piece, which is completely useless really but I wanted to get it over with so I could be done with THF AF as soon as I harass people to finally help me with the damn AF3.

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Drac said...


We should make sure and do THF AF3 as you near 60 so you can Fleeeeeeeeee love-long-time.

Temper, temper.