Wednesday, July 11, 2007

/angry (Warning: Extremely explicit)

Today, I tried to exp WHM. I got a party, NIN NIN BRD THF SAM, and they asked if we wanted to do Mamool Ja SP or Caedarva. Considering that my job in this party would be to Haste four (4) people and Silena three (3), I told them I wasn't doing Caedarva, and we headed out to the Mamool Ja SP. When we get there, they start whining like fucking five year olds about how they want to do Caedarva, and I just straight up told them that they could blow me if they actually thought I'd be willing to haste 4 people and silena 3 for the shit exp that you get in Caedarve at the 73-75 range. I left, they went to Caedarva, and now, I am fucking pissed.

Hey melees. Fuck you. Yes, you, FUCK you. The next burn party that invites me to Caedarva with 2-3 NINs and a BRD plus filler DDs and no one else with Silena and Haste is going to get a fucking earful. Just because you have to do something beyond hitting ctrl-a and your utsusemi macro doesn't magically mean that the exp in that place is crappy. Furthermore if you actually expect a WHM to do all the work when their job is already pretty fucking boring in the first place, you can go eat a dick.

Hell, even just give me someone else with Haste and I'll go. When I went with linkshell friends it was fine because we had a RDM who helped me haste and the exp was slightly better because we were lower. But now? No. Fuck you all. I'm not busting my ass so you can hit ctrl-a for 150 exp. Especially not when said melees are ungrateful fucks who bitch and moan the second they have to do anything.

That is all.


Drac said...

Straight-up kitty fury. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't level Red Mage, all that silena, haste, refresh, enfeebling, healing converting, sleeping linked mobs, woo, scary stuff. Then when people tell you what to do, BOOM, best thing to do, is leave the party, from the start. Yarch? Yar.