Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rise from the Ashes

Well, I pretty much stopped trying to do promys, cause they're too damn annoying, and I'm just going to try and go with a group when I find someone shouting. It is REALLY painful to try and lead runs for them, so, meh. I also just finished partying thief today, which was a lot of fun.

We started out going to Quicksand Caves from Western Altepa, and had WHM (Draco) NIN (Galb) THF (me) RDM SAM DRG. The SAM was supposed to first voke, skillchain with me (enpi > viper) and with the DRG (double thrust > enpi or jinpu). Generally speaking, the SAM got about one of those right each fight. I cheered when they said they had to go soon. After that we picked up a BLM, and moved to a better camp in the same zone that was netting us somewhere in the 5k-6k exp/hour range, which was pretty nice, but pretty quickly we got over the level we should be for those mobs, so we moved to Kuftal Tunnel, and did ok for a little bit, nothing spectacular. Then, the DRG disconnected and never came back. I invited a SAM, and figured he'd be the jp onry type, however, he seemed happy to be invited, and came over.

This guy was a freaking monster. He was a tarutaru SAM, and he did pretty much anything and everything that any SAM could. He was the first voker, and was SCing with both me and Galb every single time he could, PLUS one or two solo WSs randomly each fight. I do not know how the hell he did that, but he did, and it was freaking awesome. With him, we got into a groove and burned up to where Galb just barely got 54, while Draco and I got a decent ways into 53, so it was a very productive day, and we had an awesome party.

I am now also wearing my first piece of THF AF, the gloves, which're nice cause they replaced level 14 Battle Gloves, which I was very much sick of, but also I'm starting to look more and more like a THF now, which I'm really happy about. I hate the mage armor (doublet basically) stuff on thieves, but a lot of it you have to wear, so I can't wait for AF pants and Jaridah Peti, both coming up fairly soon (56 and 55 respectively).

Oh. I also got donuts.

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Drac said...

That tarutaru SAM was definitely one of the best first voke role invitees we've had in this static so far.

Good to see THF making you feel so warm and fuzzy; after WHM didn't do much for you later on. We'll keep on risin'!