Saturday, May 26, 2007

Clear road, new paths

Well, firstly, probably the most important thing.

And of course. . .

Very VERY easy fight. As long as you're smart, and read up/prepare for the fight, this is a complete and utter joke. He never even came close to killing me. So, as the title indicated, I have a clear path to 75.

Also though, some new paths for me to travel down.

I can now finally start on ZM, and do Dynamis (waiting for Draco to pick a shell for Dynamis before I choose my own). For anyone that cares, Draco and I were talking about the band Bush right there.

I've also been doing some assault, which is really fun. I didn't really know much about it before but now that I've tried it, its awesome. This was a BRILLIANT idea on Square's part. One thing the game lacked was specific objectives and triggers beyond "go make this thing die and don't get killed". Very nicely done Square, another quality piece of work. I'm hoping to work towards eventually picking up a full set of the stuff for THF, or possibly SAM, or both, but hopefully one or the other. Can't recall which I found sexier stat wise and looks wise, and I'm unsure currently whether I'd rather run around on SAM or THF primarily down the road, but either way, theres a fun bit to look forward to.

Speaking of SAM and THF, I've been hoarding cash and abusing a select few synths in an attempt to raise money for two Woodsman Rings, (maybe) one Corsair's Knife, (maybe) a Scorpion Harness, a Haubergeon, and (maybe) a Byrnie. This is primarily because SAM and THF are the two jobs I believe I'm going to be taking up after WHM.

I've also been sort of toying with the idea of running BLM or RDM up to 75 for soloing reasons, though I need to take SMN to 37 as well so I have all my mage subjobs in order. Either way, for the moment I'm simply going to deal with getting WHM to 75 (most likely with the static its in, almost 70 now even), and then taking SAM up hopefully to 75 as well, probably with THF capping out somewhere in the middle with a little linkshell static we've set up.

Thats about it for now, I'll probably post some once I've picked up those few items I'm looking to get, though I fear it'll be quite some time before I get my hands on anything beyond the woodsmans and the corsair's, if even those 3.

Oh yea, and new template obviously. Sexy, I'd say.


Drac said...

Woot for geriatric beatings. Time to ride the sexual rainbow of mithra molestation straight to success!

WHM69 THF45 BRD40 SAM18 said...

I get exp for being /touched? why aren't you spamming it for me?

Lulu said...

Well written article.