Sunday, May 13, 2007

Catching Up - The Rest

Alright, this time around there'll be some more text along with the pretty pictures that I'm hoping the 2 people that read my blog like.

First up, hunting. I picked up three very important items a while back.

1. Bounding Boots - the last one I picked up, but arguably the most important, due to the number of jobs I plan on leveling that'll use them.

2. Empress Hairpin - first one I picked up, with the help of Draco, probably wouldn't have gotten this without him. It'd be the most important, but I ended up getting it after finishing off NIN, so really its basically Bounding Boots for my head, unless you wanna count the evasion for pulling on THF, but I don't really need it.

3. Ochimusha Kote - the least important, but by no means the worst item. If I could use this for more of my jobs it'd be more important, but its good for NIN if I ever pick it up again, will be INVALUABLE on my SAM, and wouldn't hurt on my MNK either if I level it more. Still need to get pairs of these for Draco and Galb though.

My WHM is also now about 5k off of 67, and I've got a testimony, so once I get around to bugging Draco for his earth staff, I'll go take care of that "fight". Recently though I think I made a mistake with my WHM that sucks for now, but might be really cool once I'm through doing it. I joined a static with some cool guys from Singapore, which is great, but most of them require waking up at 7 AM or earlier. SEVEN AM. I wake up at noon usually. This will be interesting.

A while ago, we knocked off Fugazi's RDM AF weapon, and had a nice little conversation towards the end as orcs just randomly came out of nowhere and linked on the one Ife was fighting.

The innocent question
Losing the innocence. . . .Innocence???And just because
Later on, we went to get Red Mage Testimonies for DW, and managed to get an item I didn't recognize, until we went and spawned this with it.

Draco got the knife. I'd be jealous, but its a level 70 item, and I probably won't have 70 THF for AT LEAST another 3-4 months, so, cool stuff.

I've also been leveling BST a bit with Galb and Draco, which is really fun, even though we're just acting like WARs for the moment and meleeing crap with no pets. . .I can't wait to charm stuff and make it do all the work for me. However, discussing BST in link got a fun reaction out of Noodles/TMP.
As you probably know, theres the whole 5th Anniversary event going on right now, and you get your stats like very year (plus a freaking sweet ring that acts like the empress band except for 3k exp and gives a 100% bonus), so, here're mine.

Lastly, I've been leveling cooking on Arigan so that I can have a constant source of income, while saving cash on BST and stuff. I've gotten to. . .I think its 12 now, I'm synthing while I write this up, making bug broth until 15 when I switch over to apple juice to 20. Hope I can finish that off before I have to go to bed so I can wake up at 7 AM for that static party. . .

Anyways, thats all for now. I think thats everything.


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