Saturday, September 09, 2006

BLM Debauchery

Well, I've been trying to more or less just put my head down and level like mad with my BLM. Guess what? 2 days, 7 or 8 levels. I think I accomplished my goal. Its been a fun and interesting ride. One party, I had another BLM in it, hume if I remember correctly, and he was using his highest damage spells while I used Aero and Fire repeatedly (Yuhtunga Mandragora's in Yuhtunga Jungle), which made me laugh, cause I was out-damaging him significantly and I usually had more MP than him. So, at the time, I figured I was a great BLM. Then I had another party, later on, with another BLM, this time a taru. As the party starts, I notice that he is also using his highest level nukes, while I'm using whatever the mob's weakness is. So, to take a look at whats up damage wise, I turn off the filters and quickly notice that he is kicking the CRAP out of me for damage. It wasn't even funny, and the guy seemed like a bit of a noob too! I got resisted like 10 times more often then him, and even when I wasn't resisted he still did far more damage. It was very sad, especially since I'd just picked up a Seer's Crown +1 for 3 more INT that I figured would put a big dent in the number of times I get resisted. Either way, I'm still leveling BLM quite quickly, and I haven't had any complaints about my abilities so I guess I'm doing well enough. . . though I am going to need to talk to a few BLM friends about how things work. At any rate, my success with leveling BLM has inspired me to aim for high levels in WHM soon, so hopefully I'll be knocking off G1 and my AF soon enough.

{luck} {You can have this.}

{See you again!}


Onekomaru said...

nice blog^^

who was your original character?

was it viagra?

Sodako said...

Thanks ^^

nope, I was Sorako, I remember seeing Viagra around though