Friday, August 18, 2006

Of Mithra Melee and Full DD Ninjas

I've been screwing around with some statistics with my linkshell leader Draconum, just figuring some things out, and I'm beginning to think that Mithra melee (SAM, DRK, WAR, etc. . .) can compete with its Elvaan counterparts fairly well. As a result I think I'm going to try out SAM on Sodako for a while and see how it goes. Honestly can't say I've seen many Mithra taking this route, usually I either see mage or THF/NIN.

Also concerning NIN. . .I've been doing my best to avoid parties where I'm tank, not because I don't have money, not because I don't have utsusemi, I have both. NIN before 37 just ISN'T a good tank, so I've been DDing as much as possible, and doing pretty well. It hasn't been amazing damage or anything but I'd like to think that I'm doing fairly good damage, and I can always just provoke and tank fairly easily in a party so its not like my NIN can only fill that one purpose.

Yeeeeep just random stuff that doesn't have any real purpose. Maybe I'll put more crap up later.

Oh I almost forgot, this is from last night:

I'm too lazy to photoshop them so its all in a line, so theres a bit of overlap between the two screenies.

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Jadelyn said...

I so won't fricken ask of what happened. LMAO! to damn funny...good job pepsi!! ^^