Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, I've gotten a LOT done since I last posted, so I'll take a moment to summarize things.

- WAR to 18
- WHM to 41
- NIN to 19
- THF to 20
- BLM to 23
- MNK to 10
- SAM to 10 (well, in an hour or two anyways, 8 at the moment)
- all non-ToAU jobs unlocked (haven't picked up ToAU yet)
- all ninja scroll quests except that stupid shining subligar one done, because the subligar are like 10k each, and I'm not paying that much
- Teleport-Yhoat quest done
- Made about 400-500k, not counting the BCNM action
- 7/7 on BCNM40 Royal Jelly. . . . . despite the easy victories, so far the best drops so far have been. . . . wait for it. . . . 2 scrolls of erase, which currently go for next to nothing thanks to undercutters
- Almost done getting another scroll of drain off a temporary mule created for just that purpose (150k last I checked)

- Nothing at all beyond being used to sell a crapload of things and storing all my subjob's subjob's subjob's gear

Beyond that, I chose classes for the next quarter (starts september 25th, very late. . .oh, almost forgot, College since no one reading this probably knows that I'm in college or anything as far as my education goes), which are going to be japanese, which I plan on using in game, and economics, which I already know most of but I'm just doing it for credits really. And no, I'm not freaking taking japanese just because of FFXI. . . . . . or because of anime. . . I just want to learn it.

Theres another little bit thats happened that needs a bit of explaining. . . or at least I feel like explaining it. I grew up playing hockey (roller and ice), baseball, and soccer. After a few years of playing it I dropped soccer and kept doing baseball and hockey. Another few years later, I stopped doing baseball and kept going with just hockey. Now I'm 19, have been playing hockey for 12 years, and am just coming off of a half-year break since I last played. I won't get into the specific city, but near where I live theres an NHL (national hockey league) team, and theres a place with 4 rinks where that team practices, and where people can come and skate or sign up to play hockey. For most of my life as far as I can remember, my dad has played (goalie) with a team there that has kept a number of the same people in it throughout the whole time, and since I turned 18, he stopped playing for them and I started, sort of. So far I've been playing sort of off-and-on, for instance I didn't play last season but I did play the season before that. So, recently, I found out they needed a goalie, and as a result, I'm gonna be playing goalie for 'em this season, which I really enjoy. I also play defense, but I tend to go through a sort of cycle where I'll play defense for a while, decide I like goalie more, play goalie for a while, decide I like defense more, then play defense for a while and repeat the whole thing over the course of a year or so. Why did I want to explain all that? I dunno, it might be because my favorite part of FFXI is the social interaction and to me putting random crap like this out there is part of it. Honestly I don't know.

Another thing I've done since the last post I made was a little experiment with the people of FFXI. I put "people who /check others more than once are noobs" in my bazaar message, and, to my horror, pretty much everyone who examined me immediately proceded to /check spam me. What? Do I have to wait until level 60 to interact with someone over the age of 12? Or is it just that no one who has any degree of maturity /checks people often?

I also had a fun experience with a random jackass in valkurm when I was leveling. . . hell I don't remember what I was leveling because I've spent so much time there in the last while. Basically, I'm sitting near Selbina looking for a group, and this random person named Laqa runs past, /checks me, and randomly /slaps me. I didn't appreciate the /slap, so I threw out a /em laughs at the noob. After some whining from her, and some of the best misuse of the english language I've seen in a long time from someone masquerading as an intelligent player, she concluded by calling me "small time". Now, as I'd only seen that bit, which was fairly tame, I figured she wasn't too much of a moron, just didn't use english that well, like most people who speak it. But, sadly, I was being too optimistic. After a couple minutes I got a random /tell from her that mostly just have "FVCK YOU FAGGOT".

Lets see. After that, I had a pretty good idea of Laqa's personality. She tries to maintain that shes not stupid or a noob in public chat, keep her image, whatever. Appears to have a pretty big ego, probably fueled by some high level job that makes her think shes better than everyone else cause shes wasted more time on a game, and shes pathetic enough that she intentionally tries to get around the game's foul-language filter (not that I have it enabled anyways, believe me I do my fair share of cussing). To top it off, she uses stuff like "faggot" liberally, which pretty much guarentees shes not the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

All in all, I have to say shes a pretty amusing idiot, if you see her and she randomly /slaps you, have fun with it.

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Yay! for random idiots!!