Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement: White Mage

Yes you can gimp it up and still do your job fine. Should you? No. Knock it off and put some effort into the job like everyone else does.

And what the hell is up with Prot/Shellra V? Particularly Protectra V, why in the hell would you ever merit that? You get 68 defense from a fully merited Protectra V, and 55 from Protectra IV. I know absolutely no tanks who would ever prefer 13 defense over getting 250 MP every 10 minutes. Seeing WHMs merit Protectra V and Shellra V together over Devotion makes me sick to my stomach. Why would you ever spend 220,000 experience on 13 fucking defense?

As far as Shellra V goes, at best you go from getting ~21.9% magic damage ignored to getting rid of ~27.4% the stuff. Lets say, best case scenario, you've already finished EVERYTHING else, you have Devotion capped, and you're trying to decide between Shellra V and Martyr. Are there going to be big nasty NMs where you would want 5% more magic damage reduction? Sure. Ok, how about an instant 29 MP (Stoneskin) cure for ~500 HP every 10 minutes?

55 damage ignored out of 1000 from Shellra V's benefit vs. Shellra IV. For Shellra V's usefulness to keep up with Martyr, the total collective magic damage dealt to everyone with your Shellra on them over ten minutes would have to be NINE THOUSAND AND FUCKING NINETY MAGIC DAMAGE BEFORE REDUCTION. Fifteen magic damage a second. Does this ever happen? Sure, I haven't done HNMs, but seriously? Does it?

The only remaining argument that you can make in Shellra V's favor is that it gets put on 6 people, and that Martyr is single-target. I'm praying that no one really thinks thats a good basis for picking Shellra V over Martyr, but I figure there're always going to be idiots. . . so. . .


Anonymous said...

*raises hand* I hear you on Pro-v and She-V. I got Devotion before either of those... neither of which I have, anyways. *lol*

And I also agree with the whole "WTF no light staff" bit. When I hit WHM50, that was the first thing I got. What kind of idiot WHM says no to a 10% increase in cures?! Cures!! WTH are these WHMs doing nowadays, nuking?! Hey, I may have maxed my enchancing magic way before I ever got my healing magic maxed (thanks to Regen and Haste), but I know a deal when I see one.

Anonymous said...

Protecra V is definitely not worth it, but I think you're underestimating Shellra V.

One important note in your comparison on MP spent/HP cured is that preventing damage is always better than healing it back. In the latter case, a tank loses enmity from taking more damage and a healer gains enmity from curing that hp, closing the enmity gap from both sides. The same issue comes up when looking at the MP efficiency of Phalanx2.

Also, with a stronger Shellra V, a tank can put more MDB or Enmity in key slots for magic damage reduction builds.

And yes, Devotion is awesome. Though I always seem to get Devotioned just as I finish blowing through MP before Chivalry =p.