Monday, August 27, 2007

Reality and updates

The summer has been a lot of fun, but I'm being slapped around by reality now that school is fast approaching. While the school I'm going to has arguably the most idiotic and poorly designed system for anything and everything that I have ever encountered, its my job to work through it, and it hasn't been going that well. For example, I have to pay for tuition and all that, but, they don't really give me any way of actually paying them. Furthermore I don't even have anywhere to live yet.

The whole thing is shitty and its stressing me out a ton, and I think its making me be even more of a douchebag than usual. The other thing thats getting to me is I don't know how much I'll be able to actually play once I am up there. That specifically isn't what bothers me, its that I don't know if I care. In a lot of ways I need to move on in life. Not neccesarily from FFXI, but I need to get into another relationship, and I need to work, and both are going to happen up in toronto. Realistically, with those two combined, I really don't see myself having the time to play FFXI, especially since in the past, while I have devoted a sufficient amount of time to girlfriends I'd really like to put a lot of effort into my next one, so chances are I will wind up spending any and all excess time I have on the relationship. As a result, I may wind up as one of those people who mostly just crafts and farms, and almost never levels. I'd really rather it didn't come to that because I define progress mostly as job levels, but I'm going to have to face reality pretty soon here.

Anyway, enough life crap. 65 SAM, Gekko, wtfpwn on imps. Really fun to play around out there and make the NINs look like idiots (/gasp, a NIN not tanking well? maybe they shouldn't be considered tanks in most situations). Not much else going on though.


Drac said...

I've been where you are in terms of trying to make transitions. You very well know that I overanalyze.

Couple things that are helpful to either learn or to remember/realize:
1) Things will find their own natural balance. Time devoted to FFXI, food, women, work, school, etc all falls into place by simply allowing it to happen.

2) Don't try to put yourself in a serious relationship. Talk to girls, be friendly and so forth, but as with #1 above, just let it happen. The best friends and girlfriends I've had are ones I basically got by accident. If a relationship starts, take actions with long-term sustenance in mind if that's what you want.

Ryan said...

Let me take a wild stab here -- you're going to U of T? If you are, I feel your pain. The entire system is in need of an overhaul. Nothing beats having to remember a UTORid, a library number, etc. etc., and all the different websites to use them on
If not... it's worse at U of T. haha.

Hope you don't mind me snooping around on your blog here, I just saw your link on FFXIclopedia and recognized your name from Odin!