Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Mood

Well, its been a long time since I wrote anything, and not because nothings been happening. Tons of shit has been going and, and thats actually probably more why I haven't been writing. Stuff with Toronto has been a complete bitch lately, EXTREMELY stressful and kind of depressing. Basically housing is full and I have to find my own place, which is going to be a royal bitch, but I have to, and I will.

As far as life goes, I also got a laptop, which is kinda cool but for some reason it lags with FFXI just as much on the highest graphics settings as it does on the lowest. Still trying to figure that part out, but with time it'll work itself out I guess.

In FFXI, a lot has happened. I may forget some stuff, but, I'll try and run through as much of it as I can. One of the biggest ones would be that I finished the promys, however I can't seem to get anything going with hitting the aqueducts for subligar, so for the moment its actually rather pointless. I also got my whole SAM AF set, and am currently SAM62, getting close to 63. My Thief hasn't moved much unfortunately because draco had to move, so he hasn't been online in like maybe 2-3 weeks now, but I'm beginning to feel like everything that I wanted my THF for, SAM can do better. Mostly simply due to the fact that SAM can actually take hits pretty well, and can dish out damage solo WAY easier than THF can. As a result I've been kind of torn about which I want to use for money making because it really is an issue of speed vs. treasure hunter. I've also been screwing around with some lower level jobs, mainly PLD, mostly because I got kinda tired of having 20 or 40k to get one level, and one of my highschool friends started playing, which has been a lot of fun.

Hes surprisingly fast at leveling, just yesterday got him 18 and his subjob. I'm hoping that down the road a little bit we can level together, but pretty soon I'm going to be EST and hes gonna stay PST, so timing may be nasty, and on top of that I plan on working out quite a bit in Toronto and getting an internship or something if I can find one relatively nearby, so I'm really wondering how much time I'll have to actually play.

Anyway, back to trying for 63.

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Drac said...

Keep pluggin' away... I'll come back and drag your ass in the sewers probably. I always like talking panties with you.