Thursday, July 09, 2009

Things that happened in the time it took SE to realize circle abilities were shit

A whale exploded in Taiwan.

CIA admitted there was no imminent threat from WMDs in Iraq.

Bush was elected for a second term.

Tony Blair was hit by a purple flour bomb (I don't fucking know).

North Korea banned cell phones.

Reagan died.

Florida took it up the ass from multiple hurricanes. Seriously there're like 4 in one month.

A fire broke out in a Canadian submarine, many people became aware that Canada has submarines.

Martha Stewart went to jail.

Ubuntu was released.

Massive earthquake caused a tsunami and devastated Indian ocean region.

Ireland finished converting to the metric system.

Youtube came into existence.

France passed a law requiring their teachers to make colonialism sound like a good thing.

Pope guy died.

Hurricane Katrina happened, white American collectively asked "who the fuck is Kanye West?"

And much more. . .








Drac said...

2009 is still young, my fine feline friend.

Sodako said...

but we're more than halfway through it

Anonymous said...

hi all