Monday, April 16, 2007

Subs, subs, subs

So I've taken this opportunity to level a couple subjobs that I need out of the way some, particularly WAR and NIN, though I've sort of toyed with the idea of taking MNK to 37 at some point here so it'll be an option down the road, but I don't plan on doing anything much that would use it so probably not.

At the moment, I've gotten WAR to 33, and NIN to 31 (seeking NIN at the moment, writing because its been forever since I got an invite), and while I feel kind of bad about the amount of money I have had to spend to level NIN in particular, it has made me notice something about the economy. I can make money. Not just dinky amounts that are somewhat meaningless. This is how it should be, anyone can make money, and anyone can get items that were previously kind of exclusive. Its freaking great. Hats off to Square-Enix for making this happen, they really did an excellent job here.

I plan on taking THF up a fair bit (AF or farther) once I finish off WAR and NIN, but I haven't quite yet found my groove in FFXI as far as what I really want to work on and take up, so I might change my mind. For the first time in the entirety of my FFXI career I feel some what neutral about all the jobs except NIN, which I hate leveling right now kind of because it is such a complete pain to tank, particularly in Kazham, at my level.

On Friday I went with Draco, DW, and Fmtwo to fight (and spank, largely due to Fmtwo) Shiva, so I got my first avatar fight out of the way and my summoner isn't quite as gimpy as it was before.

Anyways, thats all for now. Sorry there aren't any pictures, I have a few but at the moment I'm too lazy/tired to photoshop them appropriately and upload them, so maybe next time.

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